Pinterest Problem

Oh, friends. I have a singular pin on Pinterest that is the bane of my existence. It’s been repinned 100 times, and unlike most viral pins, those repins didn’t happen all at once. It’s quite possible that with those 100 repins I’ve received 100 separate email notifications. It’s like Chinese Water Torture, and I would like you kill me.

Here’s the assailant.

Spanish Pendant

I┬áprefer to remember our Spanish vacation in a happy light. So, I finally wizened up. I’ve been on Pinterest since last April, and my notifications were set at that time. After receiving 3 separate emails this morning about that stupid pin being repinned, I hopped on to Pinterest to change my notification settings. Call it laziness, call it idiocy, call it whatever you wish. I just hadn’t done it before.

Here’s what my notifications were before:

And now:

I love to see people’s comments and follows, but I don’t rightly care if someone repins something. Especially not if 100 people repin it over a span of 7 months, 1 at a time. By turning those notifications off and by changing the frequency to once daily versus an email notifications every. single. time., I am going to be a happy camper. I can just feel it.

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