3rd semester, senior year

Ah, sorry that I took a little diatribe. It was something that had been filling my head, and I needed to get it down. Back to my living various living situations through life.

I was lucky enough to meet Taylor in my equipment pilates class during the spring semester of my senior year. Oh, what’s that? You didn’t know you could take an equipment pilates class for college credit? Well, you can, and I’d like to tell you I long for the body I had when I took that class. See ya later, toned arms…

I digress. Back to the story at hand. When I was taking this class, I met a really great girl – Taylor. She was spunky, adorable, and best of all, she was willing to let me live with her and her boyfriend in the fall when I moved back from Dallas. And let me tell you, ladies and gents. Taylor is one helluva cook. You remember way back at the beginning of this post (5 whole sentences ago) when I was talking about my toned arms? Yeah, it took about 2 weeks of living with Taylor to say goodbye to them. Taylor is truly the person who gave me the desire to actually make delicious food on a regular basis. Of course, my mom could and would cook, but I hadn’t seen someone my own age ruling the kitchen the way Taylor did. However, she did scrunch her nose when I drank milk with my spaghetti. Try it sometime, it’s divine.

Jacob was just as great. He was the man of the house, and it was awesome to see Taylor and Jacob fix up everything over the first few months we lived there. It was Jacob who gives me the confidence to eventually install tile in my bathroom or wood floors in the living room (although I’m sure he’d tell me to just hire someone because it’s a pain).

Right before I left for Dallas a 2nd time, Jacob brought home a gift to Taylor. This guy:

A collective, “Awwwww” was just heard around the blogosphere. This, my friends, is Butters. And he’s adorable. This guy is massive now, and it’s hard to remember him as a cute little cuddly thing!

So, my final semester held a successful living situation once again. In that, let me just say this: my 2nd half of college > my 1st of half of college. Maybe even 3 times greater.


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3 thoughts on “3rd semester, senior year

  1. “Awwwww!” Now that is a good lookin’ dog! I must confess… spaghetti and milk is actually quite tasty. Especially when you make the sauce extra spicy!

    I am guessing that 2349 SoHo is going to get a few more posts… I hope our favorite neighbor makes an appearance!! You have missed some great “neighbor” events. He now has Elephantiasis in what we guess is his scrotum, his girlfriend fell out of his big truck (totally wasted at 3 o’clock in the morning) onto the sidewalk in front of our house and two Norman PD deputies, his girlfriend then began living in her car out in front of the house, and the back glass of his truck is attached by duck tape — but don’t worry, the “keep honking while I reload” sticker remains.

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