Do you know about Wunderkit? I’ve had this program for a grand total of 12 hours, and I’m head over heels in love. I have my boss to thank for this little gem. We have a ton of collaborative projects in our office, and we needed something where we could assign tasks and keep track of things. That’s when my boss found Wunderkit. Here’s the gist:

Don’t worry, I’ll break it down for you! Here’s the left side of the main page.

All of those little tabby tabs on the left are different workspaces. Which means – each one is a different client/group of people. (Don’t mind the fact that one of the icons is the Ninja Turtles and another is “The More You Know” logo. It happens.) I’ll go in to further detail about the Dashboard, Tasks and Notes sections in a bit. But for now, I’m going to show you the other things within my “Get it together, Ferguson” workspace. These are all of my personal tasks.

This is obviously a log of everything I have created and even when it was created. And below, you’ll see all of my tasks. Also, you can see that this workspace only has 1 member. It’s me – duh. But, if I wanted to invite people so I could assign things to them, I could (ahem, Casey).

Now, on to the guts of the pages! Here is what you see when you go to tasks:

You can see that I have a few lists that I’ve added. My friend and co-worker, Brooke, put it in bloggy terms: The lists are like categories, and tags are just like tags. Therefore, if something has to do with my wedding, I can place several tasks within that list.

See that Rococo task? I could also add a tag to it with catering and add that I want the task to be completed by a certain date:

Wunderkit then allows me to search everything that is either due on that date OR that has that tag.

Now, let me show you about tagging. I can select that little person, and add someone who is also within the workspace. (Since Brooke isn’t in my personal workspace, I switched over to our work workspace.) This will now show up in Brooke’s tasks to complete. I could also assign a date or a tag to that task, as well!

Now, on to the notes.

You can see that Brooke has already added a note. I can go into her note and put my ideas like she requested, or I can add my own note. These are for bigger ideas rather than the individual tasks and lists created earlier.

When I go back to my main page, all of my tasks that I said are due today show up on my main dashboard.

So, there you go. It’s a pretty badass program, and for all of you bloggers out there, this could streamline your life a million times over. I know it’s already making an impact on mine! Oh hey, the best part – the is FREE. And it also comes with an iphone and an ipad app.

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