Cupcake Challenge #2: Cuppies & Joe

After hitting up Sara Sara Cupcakes for the first round of Casey & Marek’s Cupcake Challenge, we were ready to take on our next cupcakery – Cuppies & Joe. This little gem on 23rd street is ALWAYS hopping, and it was no exception on Saturday.

Aside from being adorably cute (redundant? probably.), Cuppies & Joe has some delectable treats. We split a Neverland – peanut butter cuppie w/ chocolate glaze and a surprise kiss inside – and each got a coffee. They serve Elemental Coffee which is a local favorite. They offered to heat our cupcake, and we obliged. Of course. Hot chocolate in a peanut butter cuppie? Twist my arm. There was nothing I didn’t love about this one.

Getting the Neverland was a step out from us. Casey & I agree that our favorite Cuppies cuppie is the Boom Boom Pow, if not just for the name. The Boom Boom Pow is a vanilla cuppie with chocolate buttercream, caramel & sea salt. IT’S FREAKING FANTASTIC.

Also, the owners at Cuppies & Joe can’t be beat. Seriously the sweetest people. When they saw that we had tweeted them, they made sure to come out to say hi! Who does that? The Diefenderfers are adorable.

Cuppies & Joe accepts the Keep It Local card. You can find their full menu here.

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