Cupcake Challenge #4: Cupcakes To Go Go // THE RESULTS!!

Our original plans were to hit up Gigi’s Cupcakes after we had gone to the other 3 cupcake locations, but then we realized Gigi’s is a chain, and we always want to support local establishments. We also had a few friends on Twitter suggesting Cupcakes to Go Go, so we took heed.

Our friends suggested the Brookie – a Brownie/Chocolate Chip Cookie mixture with a dollop of chocolate buttercream frosting on top. This ain’t your grandma’s cupcake. Seeing as it’s not made of any cake at all and is just formed like a cupcake, I’m not sure what this should be called. Nevermind, Brookie is the perfect name for it. And it was delicious! The only downside: it’s practically in Kansas.

Cupcakes to Go Go accepts the Keep It Local card. You can see the full menu here.

So, you all are likely clamoring for the information of which cupcake place is best. And I’d like to say, the results are inconclusive. We went about this haphazardly, so please forgive us. What we¬†will do to make it up to you is get the same basic cupcake (probably chocolate) from each location and have a friend keep track of which cupcake belongs to which cupcakery. That way, we can be impartial and compare apples to apples (or cupcake to cupcake, as it were). We’ll also be able to include some of the other bakeries in OKC!

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