Our new home

After much anticipation, many tears, so much paperwork and a ton of stress, and 4 closing dates, the house we were closing on fell through. I’d rather not share all of the details, but just know that it was heartbreaking one thousand times over for every person involved.

However, with every door closed, there’s another one that opens, right? This one just happened to be a front door to our first home together.

We went around and around when discussing where we should live before putting an offer on the house. Casey wanted somewhere that was really walkable, preferably downtown. I wanted something bigger that we could be in when our family started growing (in a million years). Turned out that downtown living was what we were meant to do. Meet our new house:

At least I got to bring my plants :)

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5 thoughts on “Our new home

  1. So happy for you, sweet Marek. I just love keeping up with you and sharing in your joys! Congrats to you and Casey! He’s a got to be a great guy with a name like that! ;)

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