Summertime. And the Living is Easy.

Moving downtown, even if it wasn’t our original plan, is working out splendidly. Casey works, oh, .6 miles from our apartment and walks to and from work every day. I’m only 1.1 miles from my office, so if I weren’t lazy / if my bike tires weren’t flat I could walk or ride my bike, too. Okay, who am I kidding? I wake up just in time to get ready and haul it to work. There’s no way I would be able to get it together enough to take a 20 minute walk to work.

Even if I don’t exercise prior to work, our family (known fondly to our friends as the “Corgusons”) has been known to take the streets in the evenings. From Deep Deuce to Bricktown to the Myriad Gardens and back, we’ve wandered the streets of Downtown with our pups in tow. If we want to keep the walk short, Deep Deuce is great to roam around.

Don’t fear, fine followers. I’ve been replacing those lost calories with beer. You see, there’s a bar that’s, oh, 50 yards from our apartment. And they have these:

It’s a beer tower, and it holds 100oz. of beer for $11. I know, I can’t believe it either.

All of that to say, next time you come downtown drop by the Deep Deuce Grill. There’s a 73% chance we’ll be sitting on the patio with our dogs. Corgusons rule.

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4 thoughts on “Summertime. And the Living is Easy.

    1. Yes! The food is awesome at Deep Deuce Grill. Luckily, their salads are great, too, so I don’t always have to order the buffalo wings (twist my arm). And yes, I absolutely adore the Wedge. It has a fantastic patio :)

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