YMCA membership

My YMCA membership has been good for exactly one thing in the past 6 months. No, it wasn’t used for working out like I had planned to do. I used it solely to take a shower.

I needed a shower before I tried on wedding dresses. I couldn’t very well try on pretty, white gowns for the BIGGEST DAY OF MY LIFE without having taken a shower. Why couldn’t I take a shower at my house, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

When I moved out of my house and in with the love of my life, I disconnected all of the bills that weren’t necessary for me to show the house. This included cable and natural gas. (I think you can see where this is headed.) The night before we went shopping for my wedding dress, my mom came down to spend the night. Our first appointment was at 9AM in Norman and, given that my house in Norman was still fully furnished, I was totally fine with staying there for the evening. That was until it dawned on me at, oh, 8PM that I didn’t have any natural gas. Natural gas = hot water. No hot water = no hot shower. And so on…

I had to think outside of the box and quickly. I called the Y and asked what it would cost for a guest to come with me the next day. $5 would buy my mom a visit to the Y locker room.

Sometimes you do things you’re not proud of. Sometimes you take a shower in the YMCA at 7:30AM on the day you try on wedding dresses.



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