Twitter Cliques

I tried to make that into Twiques, but it just didn’t work.

I’m part of some Twitter Cliques, and I think I like it. As has been well-established, I’ve met many a friend through Twitter. My fiance, my Maid of Honor, a Bridesmaid, and tens of other people who have impacted my life for the positive. These people are there to listen to me yammer about the unimportant, the important, and the seemingly important that turns out to just be dribble. They’re my sounding board. And I love them.

Today, it struck me that I have specific Twitterific friends that I discuss things with.

Christmas belongs to Jenn Scott.

Death Cab for Cutie belongs to Sheri Guyse.

My hatred of French Fries belongs to Keith Paul and Laura Steen.

I seriously love Twitter, y’all.

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3 thoughts on “Twitter Cliques

  1. It’s funny how for years I was a Facebook-only user and now Twitter has pushed FB to the back page. With that being said, I was afraid of what Marek-twitter-clique I might have belonged to :)

  2. You don’t like french fries?? I’m not so sure we can be friends. Or maybe it’s the best of friendships, because typically when I order a hamburger meal, it’s really because I want to eat fries but I’m too embarrassed to just have fries for dinner.

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