Canine Envy

We have a little sibling rivalry going on in the Corguson household.

Meet Roscoe.

He’s likely the sweetest dog you’ve seen in your entire life. He’ll kiss any exposed skin you have (like the backs of your knees when you’re turned around making dinner). He snuggles. He snores. He’s adorable.

Now, meet Bogart. 

I just heard a collective “AWWWWWWWWWW.” Bogart looks like a muppet. A shaggy, adorable muppet. Jim Henson couldn’t have made Bogart’s personality any better if he tried – he’s a French aristocrat mixed with a grumpy old man. And he’s 95 pounds.

As you can imagine, Bogart’s moppiness combined with his rare breed and huge size make him the object of affection for dog lovers everywhere. They can’t get enough of him. But there stands poor, sweet Roscoe who just wants your lovin’. He just wants a good ear rub or a nice scratch of the chest.

Next time you see us around town, throw some love Roscoe’s way, too. He’ll make sure to return the favor.



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One thought on “Canine Envy

  1. I have the same problem with my two dogs! EVERYONE comments on my Westie and then there’s my Shih Tzu. She is apparently invisible. I always have to tell her she’s beautiful too when we get inside.

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