Colorado Vacay Day 1: Denver

The wheels went up from Will Rogers World Airport on Thursday evening. It was 6:30 p.m., and Casey and I were headed to Colorado for a weekend getaway – one where my wedding diet stayed at home. Here are some of the highlights from the first day:


We rolled into town around 8, so we headed straight to Uptown to check in to the hotel. Due to a hot tip that one of my friends gave me, our hotel was right down the street from Steuben’s. Oh dear, heavenly Steuben’s. Maybe I ordered fried chicken. Maybe I ate all of it. Maybe I also ordered a Great Divide Brewery beer (something I hadn’t had in a few weeks). Yes, maybe all of those things happened. Casey got the cayenne etouffee. According to him, it was delectable. I’m averse to stupid seafood, so I just took his word for it.

After dinner, we continued the walk through the restaurants and bars in Uptown. That same fine lady who gave me the tip about Steuben’s also told me about Hamburger Mary’s. It was the most bizarre bar I had ever been to. Inside, there was a karaoke bar (overrun by a bachelorette party … of course). Outside, there was a large patio that had what can only be described as having a club vibe. In the back corner stood a glorious, wondrous giant jenga set. Casey and I went 1 and 1, and it kills me that we didn’t see who was best of 3. Killing. Me.

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