Colorado Vacay Day 2: Denver/Ft. Collins/Boulder

After our first night in Denver, we were ready to explore when we woke up. It was off to breakfast, old town Ft. Collins, a brewery tour and eventually on to Boulder.

The first hour of our morning was spent standing in front of Snooze. It’s apparently The Place to Eat in Denver in the mornings, so even though it was a Friday, the line was 30+ people long. But, let me tell you – it was WELL worth it. I had a tough time deciding between the Sandwich I Am (pretzel roll, sausage, eggs, cheese, cheddar hollandaise) or the Fluffernutter S’Mores French Toast (brioche, peanut butter fluff, chocolate and graham crackers). You guys. This was the hardest decision I’ve made in years. And I’m planning a WEDDING. (I chose the pretzel bun & hollandaise. Obvs.)

After that, we headed on up to Fort Collins which currently marks its space as one of my favorite small cities in America. Seriously, check out that adorable alleyway up there (upper right photo). For lunch, we made it to the lovely CooperSmith Brewery & Pub. Ft. Collins is also the home of the New Belgium Brewery.

The tour of New Belgium was fantastic! As my inaugural beer tour, I couldn’t have asked for a better one. I even went down a slide. The BREWERY HAS A SLIDE. (I also managed to get a blood blister and a strawberry from said slide, but that’s because I’m ridiculous.)

After the tour of the brewery, we needed to get some food in our bellies. This may shock you, but after 5 samples of beer, we needed it. Back in town, we grabbed some deliciousness at ingredient. And water. We grabbed lots of water.

We then made our way into Boulder. Going in to the trip, I was most excited about spending time in this city that was soveryclose to the mountains. Because we spent so much of our time in Ft. Collins, the only thing we had time for in Boulder was to grab (I’m sure you’re shocked) a beer on Pearl Street. I really love that we got to see Pearl Street both at night and during the day because it’s one of the most transformative streets I’ve seen. It was packed at night and packed again in the morning. But… I’ll save that for tomorrow :)


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