Meet Marek

Photo credit: Todd Scott Ballje

A few years ago, I set out to write down my musings (hence the blog title because I’m so very creative). There was little to no direction for where I wanted this blog to go. I’ve talked about everything from recipes to European vacations to a dog that was terrorizing my neighborhood. It’s a catch-all really.

I struggle to maintain non-work discussions at home with my social media Director husband, a husband and I met through Twitter. It’s ridiculous, really. I understand that.

Photo credit: Ely Fair Photography

Photo credit: Ely Fair Photography

With a sordid past including a Bachelor’s in Finance and Master’s in Public Administration, jobs in Community Relations at Southwest Airlines and in Resource Development at United Way, I finally hit a stride when I convinced Koch Communications to hire me as a digital media strategist in February of 2012.

Lately, I’ve become passionate about making room in my life through owning less stuff.

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